Extending the Airport Runway

Jenn Rajala performs Extending the Airport Runway, a poem by Mary Oliver.

JennRajalaJenn Rajala has studied voice-over with Wren Ross for 8 years, and has applied that skill-set as a reader for the blind at Audio Journal Worcester.  Her primary interests in the field of voice include audiobook & documentary narration, and she has studied as a vocalist under SueEllen Kuzma.

From Jenn: “Mary Oliver is a favorite poet of mine, and her ability to communicate complex ideas with the simplest of language is a true gift.  Yet I also found that to be one of the challenges while making this recording.  I felt very tempted to try to do something to convey the meaning of the poem, but found instead that if I could trust and stay present to the language on the page, that message would come across far more clearly.”

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