Hope is the Thing with Feathers

Drita P. Dumont performs Hope is the Thing with Feathers, a poem by Emily Dickinson.

Drita also performs in Spanish, El Dolor, a poem by Amalia Bautista.

Drita Protopapa Cropped 25 April 2017Drita P. Dumont is a multilingual Voice Over Actor with the ability to record in English, Portuguese and Spanish. She has 20 years of experience in Commercials, eLearning, Narration (Medical/Scientific/Educational), On Hold Messaging/IVR and Training Videos. Her clients include Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Florida Blue (she is the English voice for their phone messaging), Gallo Wines, Lockheed Martin, PGA Tour Latinoamerica and Western Union.

After studying Latin American culture and languages as an undergraduate at Rice University in Houston, Texas Drita went on to get a Masters in Brazilian Studies from Brown University and shortly after a second masters degree in Public Health with a focus on International and Family Health. While working in the community health field in Houston, Drita rediscovered her love of on camera acting and quickly became active with a local talent agency doing industrial and commercial work in English and Spanish. This renewed interest and creative activity is what led her to start her voice over career, 20 years ago, and helped land her 1st gig as the Portuguese speaking narrator for NASAs International Space Station video! 

When she is not recording, Drita enjoys spending time with family and friends – cooking Brazilian BBQ, sitting by the fire pit at night, taking long walks, cooking or simply watching movies on Netflix!

From Drita: “The beginning of 2017 was wrought with loss and sadness – on a personal level but also on a broader, national level. The weight of the sadness and sense of loss seemed to permeate everything. When in the darkness, we look for light. Literature and poems, in particular, provide a source of light and hope for so many. It was no different for me – “Hope is the Thing with Feathers” by Emily Dickinson, seemed to be exactly what I needed at that moment in time. Actually, it is timeless. As I worked on the poem before and during our workshop, I become more and more connected to the words and meaning and it provided a sort of “instant” therapy to help rid me of the overwhelming sense of sadness I was experiencing at the time. Recording this poem as well as the one I recorded in Spanish, “El Dolor” by Amalia Bautista, helped me process my own pain and deep feelings of sadness and come out of the experience with more hope and a sense that “all will be well” in due time. The process of acting out the poem as a voice recording is what truly provided this path to a better place … just reading it alone could not have had the same intense impact.”

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