Pinkle Purr

Andrea O’Connell performs Pinkle Purr, a poem by A.A. Milne.

AndreaOconnellSix head shot views 002Andrea O’Connell worked in educational publishing for many years and has been a life-long singer.  The two paths merged in a publication for singers that she created and wrote for six years.  She sees voice acting as the next logical step in a life dedicated to authentic communication.  Andrea enjoys exercising her vocal colors in genres as varied as instructional narration, character dialog and humorous commercials.

From Andrea: “If one is looking for eternal truths, children’s poetry might not be the first place that comes to mind.  Yet, simple expressions are often the most effective so, why not?  In “Pinkle Purr” A.A. Milne takes only a few words to set a domestic scene everyone can recognize and relate to.  A tiny kitten arrives and its entire existence is its mother.  Everything it knows about the world comes from her and it learns by emulating her.  As the kitten grows, it ventures farther and farther from Mother’s safe, small world.  Wren helped me to experience the warmth and rightness of the journey as the now-confident cat assumes its supremacy in the natural order of things and demonstrates the evolving, yet enduring nature of love.” 

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