Susan Giusto performs Alone, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

SMGiusto-AdventurerPhotoSusan Giusto started experimenting with voice acting at an early age performing and writing poems and radio plays. She has also produced sound effects and music scores for live theater. Recently Susan lends her voice to a myriad of projects from training videos and commercial spots to audio books and recently several character voices for animated short student films. She continues to keep her craft sharp by taking classes and workshops with Wren.  Susan can be contacted by and at

From Susan: “I recently had a chance to visit Edgar Allen Poe’s home in New York City and was struck by the surrounding in which he was writing at that time. This was the house in which his beloved wife lost her battle with tuberculosis. The poem ‘Alone’ quietly acknowledges the struggles of loneliness and the twisted ways that one is really never alone with ones thoughts. Many times when I read Edgar Allen Poe I melt into my soul and feel how his life allowed him to capture such glorious visions in his words. Bringing his words to life was my gift to honor such a wonderful writer.”

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