Nancy Hilliard performs Dawn, a poem by William Carlos Williams.

NancyHilliardHairdown2aNancy Hilliard, educator actor, has participated in community theater in the Boston and Worcester areas, striving to give dignity and voice to all her characters. In her work as a tutor with children and adults, the goal is always to enable confident communication. Emotional, behavioral, and intellectual disability-difference can create low expectations among listeners, especially when verbal ability is diminished. Using art, sign language, drama and listening, we explore learning strengths and share our thoughts in story, game, and conversation.

From Nancy: “William Carlos Williams is a favorite poet, simplicity and ambiguity in his observation of the scenes around him. A recent witness of an awesome sunrise, so hazy at the seacoast that I could watch the huge golden globe rise above the horizon, inspired a search for sunrise poetry. Williams’ Dawn described the beauty and collaboration, but stunned with doubts that the Sun was aware of the voices surrounding and supporting ‘his’ ability and achievement. Are those of us ‘abled’ aware and respectful of those struggling to communicate with us?”

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