If We Only Have Love

Matthew Greif performs If We Only Have Love, a poem by Jacques Brel.

MichaelGreifPhotoFrom Matthew: “As a former National Park ranger in Boston, I have had many opportunities to speak in public.  I have also had some prior experience in children’s theater and puppetry — but almost none in studio recording. So Wren’s workshop was an eye and ear-opening experience.  I chose to read (but not sing) the lyrics of one of my favorite songs by Jacques Brel, If We Only Have Love, poetically translated into English by Eric Blau.  The song’s message of hope and compassion seem especially needed during these difficult and divisive times. And in her own fun and playful way, Wren challenged me to abandon old habits and experiment with new techniques and unexpected ways to interpret the lyrics and connect with an audience. The process was exciting, surprising and very helpful. Clearly, Wren is a remarkably gifted teacher!”

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