The Power of the Spoken Word

Valerie Smith performs The Power of the Spoken Word, a speech delivered by Helen Keller to the National Institute of Arts and Letters at New York, New York.

ValerieStevensValerie is new to voiceover and thoroughly enjoying the journey so far. “Observing people has always fascinated me. Getting to know characters and backstories helps me to do my best to honor the characters and the intention of the writers.”

In addition to her acupuncture practice of 20 years she has taught Chinese medicine for 18 years.

From Valerie: “What Helen Keller wrote in 1947, still powerfully resonates in 2017. Her speech gave me chills the moment I read it. Her message that words have meaning and must be spoken with integrity is something we seldom seem to see, but still strive for in today’s world.”

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