A View from the Bridge

The great Arthur Miller confronts the American dream in the dark and passionate tale, A View from the Bridge. Alfieri, the lawyer tries to convince longshoreman Eddie Carbone not to report the undocumented immigrants living with him to authorities.

tim-corbettTim Corbett is a Boston area Voice Talent and Actor. In addition to his voice and stage work, he performs as an historical character during the summer months, to the delight of visitors from around the world.”

From Tim: “View from the Bridge is a powerful work with finely drawn characters. I felt a connection to Mr. Alfieri which became deeper as I explored the character. He understands Eddie’s turmoil very well. But Mr. Alfieri is haunted by his inability to divert Eddie from the tragic path he is taking. I tried to project Alfieri’s frustration and dread in my performance. The experience of developing the character and scene with only my voice, was unique, challenging, and ultimately satisfying. Wren’s guidance and support helped to bring it together wonderfully.”

steveSteve McGarry is a Boston-area voice talent and singer, as well as a software engineer. One of his fondest performance memories was being part of a quartet which sang both the USA and Canada national anthems for a packed TD Boston Garden, before a Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors NBA game.

From Steve: “While studying Eddie Carbone in A View From The Bridge, I found him to be a tormented soul. He loves his niece, Beatrice, but is also horrified by the thought of it. Rather than being simply protective of her, he becomes jealous of her beau. Further, Eddie is in denial about his feelings, and becomes very defensive when called-out by his wife, or by Mr. Alfieri. Wren was essential in helping me see the challenges Eddie faces, and the challenge I faced in portraying this tragic hero.”

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