Beyond Therapy

Beyond Therapy is a comedy by Christopher Durang which focuses on Prudence and Bruce, two Manhattanites who are seeking stable romantic relationships with the help of their psychiatrists, each of whom suggests their patient place a personal ad in the newspaper. This scene is between Bruce and his therapist Charlotte.

miriamMiriam Glassman is a freelance writer and author of several children’s books. She also narrates audiobooks for the Perkins Library.

From Miriam: “Working on a comedy in audio-theater presented a particular challenge as the physical aspect of performance associated with comedy had to be conveyed purely through voice. Pacing was critical as my scene partner and I tried to present our characters with both humor and humanity.”

andyAndy Miller has recently moved to Boston after graduating with an English degree from Texas Tech University. He is a published writer and poet who uses performance as a way to feed his creativity while he finds his way in the world.

From Andy: “While working with Beyond Therapy, I ran into the issue of presenting the punch line to the play’s jokes without making it sound like a rim shot was needed after every line. However, by stepping back and deepening the character of Bruce, the lines stopped being jokes and became the quirky words of a lost man.”

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