The Cocktail Hour

Martin Pierce portrays Bradley in The Cocktail Hour by A. R. Gurney.

MartinPierceAs a voice over artist haling from northern Illinois Martin Pierce is virtually accent free. His voice has been described as calming, relaxing, warm and trusting. With extensive vocal background in public speaking and choral singing, Martin is drawn to voice over projects for audio-book narration and corporate training/marketing.

From Martin: “Significant for me in developing Bradley’s role is that my own father was similar to Bradley in his suppression of feelings, and his lack of closeness with his sons. When we recorded the monologues in the studio, Wren had me imagine where in my body would my disappointment and anger reside, and I chose the cheek and jaw bones. At that precise moment I got for the first time how to speak the scene using my body. And this mirrored what I’d observed with my own father growing up!”

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