Steve McGarry plays David Nix from the film Tomorrowland.  Screenplay by Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird.

SteveMcGarrySteve McGarry is a Boston-area voice talent and singer, as well as a software engineer. One of his fondest performance memories was being part of a quartet which sang both the USA and Canada national anthems for a packed TD Boston Garden, before a Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors NBA game.

From Steve:¬†“David Nix, the antagonist of the movie Tomorrowland, explains that he has tried to warn humanity of the damage they’ve done, and are doing, to the Earth’s environment, and the impending apocalypse. Rather than doing anything about it, humanity accepted what they saw, to the point of repackaging it into various forms of entertainment. He accuses them of giving-up. It becomes apparent that David has also given up. He has the power to fix the damage, but is content to let humanity perish, first.¬†

Wren’s guidance was essential in ensuring that the monologue wasn’t merely berating. She was able to help me find a performance which delivers the ‘save-the-planet’ message, while maintaining the hypocrisy of this unusual villain. Achieving that balance required many of Wren’s most-introspective exercises. I wonder whether I learned more about David Nix or myself.”


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