The Blind Beggar Dies

Students from Wren’s 2017 Voice Acting for Classic Radio Drama class perform The Blind Beggar Dies from the Shadow Series, a radio show written by Maxwell Grant.

CRDselfieFrom Cindy Newell: “The Classic Radio Drama Workshop with Wren is a play date for adults.”

From Drita Protopapa: “I’m so happy to have been a part of the Radio Drama Class. The group was fabulous and felt like it was just what I needed at this moment in my life: A creative, fun outlet doing what I love with other like minded people. And Wren…simply put, she’s great.”


The Blind Beggar Dies was written by Maxwell Grant (Walter B. Gibson)

Produced and Directed by Wren Ross

Recording Engineered by Kevin McLaughlin, Soundtrack Recording Studio, Boston.

The roles were played by:

John Haag—Lamont Cranston/the Shadow

Steve McGarry—Announcer/Marty Nelson/Lame Bill

Cindy Newell—Announcer/Doctor/Limpy

Paul Merullo—Announcer/Singing Jim/Dugan

Valerie Smith—Announcer/Woman on Street/Officer Clancy/Female Beggar

David Hansen—Announcer/Spike Grogan

Drita Protopapa—Margo Lane/Announcer

Susan Giusto—Apple Mary/Newsboy/Announcer

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