At the Funeral of my Grandfather

Holly Miller performs At the Funeral of my Grandfather, a poem by Andrew Miller.

HollyMillerPhotoHolly Miller has been a voice actress for four years.  She is active in Community Theater and has a weekly radio program width Audio Journal, a service that broadcasts printed material to the blind and visually impaired.

From Holly: “My son, Andrew Miller, wrote the poem, “At the Funeral of my Grandfather” when he was a senior in college.  While I was privy to his motivation for writing it, I really wanted to capture his vision of the poem.  I called him for advice, but he really had none, other than he didn’t want the cadence to be too singsongy.  With that in mind, I began my session by stumbling on some of the words because I was too focused on how I was saying them.  After Wren helped me shift my focus back to the words’ meaning and the emotions embedded in them, the poem fell into place.  I am happy to say that Andy is very pleased with how the recording turned out.”

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