Roberta Januzzi preforms Lady Macbeth’s monologue from Macbeth, a play by William Shakespeare.

untitledRoberta Januzzi has been doing voiceover work for the past 3-4 years, primarily for corporate e-learning and training materials, but the work she enjoys most has been in the field of artistic, creative, inspirational and meditative recordings.

From Roberta: “Working with Wren on the Lady Macbeth monologue was one of the personal and creative hi-lights of the year for me.  My first instinct was to shy away from something like this, but Wren’s ingenious and insightful directorial style made it so much fun and put everyone at ease right away.  She skillfully guided us down an exploratory journey of human emotions and character development.  This was a rich, wonderful experience for me, an artful exercise in self-empowerment and creative expression.  I absolutely loved it.  Wren is a master.”

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