August: Osage County

Cindy Newell plays Violet Weston in August: Osage County by Tracy Letts.

cindyCindy Newell is a recently retired massage and neuromuscular therapist with a passion for voice over acting. She is an organic farmer and outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, kayaking, travel and adventure.   Cindy and her partner support environmental and wildlife conservation efforts in the US and in Costa Rica where they have property.


From Cindy: “The Art of the Monologue class was a unique opportunity for concentrated, intimate, character exploration. The journey of discovering the depth and breadth of a character, I have learned, is an equal journey of self-discovery as you become the character and the character becomes you; as you probe the emotions, motivations and back story of the character. Wren’s skillful guidance is invaluable in this process. She has a sixth sense about how to connect each actor with his or her character, how to help each of us reach deeply inside ourselves and pull out our best work. Her instincts are impeccable and she helps us all stretch and grow in the practice of our craft.”

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