The Shawshank Redemption

Richard Congelosi plays Red Foley in The Shawshank Redemption.

richardRichard Congelosi is an actor with film and TV credits. He also had his own radio program “American Jukebox” on a Boston network that ran 12 years. Working with Wren has brought full circle the art and craft of acting, both physically and vocally which helps to color the character of Red Foley. I can relate to Red on many levels, denying your own truth is self inflicted damage, don’t we learn that lesson a little too late sometimes?

From Richard: “Red Foley is a convicted felon serving his time in prison without any real hope of gaining his parole. His life tells him this everyday, but he knows that in his mind and in his heart freedom from his past can only be realized through the wisdom of his conscience. He must speak it. Accepted or denied by his parole board , after 3 attempts, he finally allows his heart to speak his truth, and in doing so finds his freedom.”

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