Mystic River

Andy Hupprich plays Val from the mystery crime drama film Mystic River.

PictureAndyHupprich Andy Hupprich is a Boston area voice talent. Along with 25 years in the newspaper industry, he has performed on stage in a garage band and in studio as an EJ for an internet radio station.

From Andy: “When I read Mystic River, the character of Val Savage didn’t seem to have much depth to him – he seemed to be just a local tough guy, a hood.  But when you “peek behind the curtain,” you discover that he’s a fiercely loyal person who has a great deal of admiration and respect for those that he feels have done right by him. Val’s past life on the streets has shaped his sense of morality to where murder is an acceptable form of street justice and yet he still seeks empathy from Dave Boyle as a type of moral justification for what he’s about to do. Working with Wren to discover these traits really helped me to understand and develop the character in a way that made him more like a real person, and not just a simple, one dimensional character.”

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