The Actor’s Nightmare

Tim Corbett plays George Spelvin from Christopher Durang’s comic play The Actor’s Nightmare.

tim-corbettTim Corbett has been involved in performing, acting and voice-over work for several years.  Since 2013, he has been portraying historical characters at Boston’s Old State House for visitors from all over the world.  In these roles, he opens a window into life in the 1760’s, when Boston was a restive colonial capital of the British Empire, and the town’s inhabitants were subjects of young King George III.  He has performed in local community theatre, appearing as Howie Newsome in Theatre to Go’s production of Our Town in Melrose, MA.  Also, Tim recently performed the role of Chief Inspector in the Facing Exclusion program presented at the Paramount Theatre in Boston, MA.

Before coming to the performing arts, Tim worked with large global clients as a professional in the Information Industry.

From Tim: “Thirty minutes before the curtain goes up, George Spelvin finds himself unexpectedly cast in a play, and then goes on stage not knowing what play he is appearing in.   In this scene, he has been left alone on stage, facing the audience, still with only a vague idea of what might be going on. 

Working on this scene came to feel like stepping from rock to rock across a wide, flowing creek.  Some of the rocks are flat and dry, some tilted, and some loose and slippery.  When George is left standing in the middle of the creek, he chooses to keep going, hoping that he will find the rocks he needs to make it.  To complete this “crossing” he tries to court the audience’s favor with a mix of remembered bits of dialogue and personal details.  Forced to rely on only his own wits, I believe that George comes to understand that the audience is truly rooting for him to reach safety.”

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