Cindy Newell performs Benedicto, a poem by Edward Abbey.

cindyCindy Newell is a recently retired massage and neuromuscular therapist with a passion for voice over acting. She is an organic farmer and outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, kayaking, travel and adventure.   Cindy and her partner support environmental and wildlife conservation efforts in the US and in Costa Rica where they have property.

From Cindy: “Wren’s Poetry Workshop was sheer joy from beginning to end! What a gift to work with a piece that has meant so much to me since I first came across it about thirty years ago, and to hear the moving and meaningful choices of the others in the group and why they chose them.

My piece was Edward Abbey’s Benedicto. I have spoken those words to groups many times and have given written copies as gifts. With Wren’s insightful guidance, I had the chance to explore more deeply and precisely my connection to these words and to voice them from the depth of that connection. Shortly after recording Benedicto, I visited several of our National Parks in the West and Southwest – the landscapes of which Abbey wrote. It was a profoundly moving experience for me, the more so on the heels of the Poetry Workshop.

Thank you, Wren, for honoring the power of poetry and for encouraging us to nourish our souls in this way.”

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