Sonnet XVII

Steve McGarry performs Sonnet XVII, a poem by Pablo Neruda.

SteveMcGarrySteve McGarry is a Boston-area voice talent and singer, as well as a software engineer. One of his fondest performance memories was being part of a quartet which sang both the USA and Canada national anthems for a packed TD Boston Garden, before a Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors NBA game.

From Steve: “I first heard snippets of Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet XVII in the movie Patch Adams. Upon reading the full text, a feeling of recognition flowed through me. As if by magic, emotions and feelings deep within, to which I could never provide a worthy description, had been vividly illustrated. Under Wren’s direction, and with Kevin at the recording console, I was able to give voice to this stirring imagery. The musical selection that Wren and Kevin provided was a wonderful surprise for me. But, the best surprise was yet to come…

The recording we made was a gift for the love-of-my-life, Darlene. The look on her face, and the tears in her eyes, said more than any poem ever will. Thank you, Wren and Kevin, for the education, direction, and opportunity to share these feelings.

‘I love you because I know no other way than this.’ Indeed…”

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