The Parable of the Trapeze

Christine Marie performs The Parable of the Trapeze from The Essene Book of Days by Danaan Parry.

Christine Marie 1Christine Marie is a local actress, voice actor, singer and dancer.  She spent many years performing with Reagle Players and now works as a professional voice over artist. She has spent several years lending her voice to commercials, corporate training videos and medical programs.  Christine recently recorded her first original song, Reasons.

From Christine: “When choosing my poem, I thought of the many conversations I had been having with friends regarding the changes happening in our lives, currently and the plans we were starting to make for the future. I realized we were reaching an age of transition. Aging parents, growing children, thoughts of retirement being closer than we would like to admit. I wanted to honor all of that goes along with those realizations: hope, fear, sadness and most of all strength. With Wren’s help I settled on an excerpt from the Trapeze and, as is always the case when working with the ever clever Wren, I loved every minute learning, exploring and recording this piece. I hope you enjoy the result as much as I enjoyed the process.”

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