One Hundred Love Sonnets: XVII

Claire Taylor performs One Hundred Love Sonnets: XVII, a poem by Pablo Neruda.

Claire20180430_151212Claire Taylor studies under Wren Ross and has recorded commercials and narrations at Soundtrack Boston, Burclan Productions, Soundscape Boston, and Creative Audio & Music including a short film directed by Wren Ross at VideoLink and a part in the Stranglers podcast (Episode 9) produced by Scripps and developed and narrated by Portland Helmich. She did radio locally and now on the internet for a show called Braselide, broadcast in English and Haitian Creole for the Boston Haitian community and some in the past with Cameo Broadcasting.  Her signature show on Cameo was about high school hazing.

She is a voiceover artist, singer, and lover of cross cultural communications and conversations about social interaction and justice.

From Claire: “I chose Sonnet 17 by Pablo Neruda because it spoke about love in a way that reminded me of my husband. The love described in the poem as it was received and given was telling a truth about the places where love really lives in a relationship and how much more precious that is than what a person could ever have dreamed love would be.

I often don’t picture myself doing certain workshops that Wren presents like Shakespeare or this poetry one and then when I get there, Wren finds a way – an insight – that leads me to my creativity. When I arrive at that place, it rings true and gives something to others just like she knew and told us it could.

She’s a master at her craft – a generous creative ignition system!”

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