The Invitation

Audrey Tesserot performs The Invitation, a poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

AudreyTAudrey Tesserot is a voiceover actor, yoga teacher and creative artist in the Boston area. Her work informs her work, and she considers herself a student first. Her website is

From Audrey: “Poetry is a genre I hadn’t spent much time with because I suppose Shakespeare had always filled its place in the theatre world I came from. Sitting down and chewing on these words, choosing an artistic statement drawn out like a song, was a challenge to tackle, but also a very moving experience. Working with Wren is always a place of great support and strength. I think my work benefited immensely from the environment of a cozy booth with Wren and other students who seemed to have one big thing in common, we all wanted to speak truths. This piece is extremely personal, and Wren held that space for me to feel through it, get messy, and find my way to the heart of it. And then I watched her do the same with every other artist in the room. I don’t think anyone else could teach poetry like Wren does.”

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