Henry VI, Part III

Cindy Newell performs Queen Margaret’s monologue from Henry VI, Part III, a play by William Shakespeare.

CindyNewellPhotoCindy Newell is a recently retired massage and neuromuscular therapist. She has a passion for words and language that started when she was quite young. She believes that words have power and that when they are given voice, their power is amplified a thousand fold; that voice puts flesh on the bones of words, gives them full and nuanced shape, sensory richness, far-reaching depth and breadth. Cindy loves giving voice to the words, breathing life into them, helping them release their full power to move and inspire, to inform and educate, to shock and amaze. She also loves the co-creative process inherent in voice over acting.

From Cindy: “Wren’s Shakespeare Monologue Class was a unique opportunity to explore the work of the Bard from the perspective of one character; to learn that character’s back story and to slip into her world, her experiences, her motivations and emotions. It was also an opportunity to wrap the tongue around Shakespeare’s words, to taste the richness of his poetry. Wren made the whole process fun and exciting. She helped us approach the challenges of working on material from Shakespeare with a sense of eagerness. She helped us reach into our depths and pull out our best work. Wren helps us all stretch and grow in the practice of our craft.”

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