King Lear

Andy Hupprich performs Kent’s monologue from King Lear, a play by William Shakespeare.

plymouth photographer | heidi hartingAndy Hupprich is a Boston area voice talent who, after a 26 year career in the newspaper business, and time spent as an EJ on an internet radio station in the late 90’s, has finally come to the realization that he has much more fun in front of a mic as opposed to behind the wheel of a truck.

From Andy: “I think most people would agree that doing Shakespeare can be an intimidating undertaking, especially when it comes to the language.  Working with Wren took a lot of the anxiety out of learning Shakespeare and she made it fun.  It’s amazing when you realize that the messages and themes in the work are still very much relevant even in this day and age. Once I was able to explore Kent’s backstory and understand what kind of person he was – selfless, loyal and full of undying devotion – it made it so much easier to understand his role in relation to King Lear. It also made it easier to understand the language and to be able to really get into the character.”

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