Andy Hupprich performs Iago’s monologue from Othello, a play by William Shakespeare.

plymouth photographer | heidi hartingAndy Hupprich is a Boston area voice talent who, after a 26 year career in the newspaper business, and time spent as an EJ on an internet radio station in the late 90’s, has finally come to the realization that he has much more fun in front of a mic as opposed to behind the wheel of a truck.

From Andy: “Shakespeare’s Othello is such a timeless and relevant piece of work.  It’s amazing how something that was written so long ago can seem like it was created for this day and age.  Wren’s invaluable insight, fun exercises, and investigational questions made it fun and easy to develop a backstory for Iago and make him relatable and understandable.  Once I understood who Iago was and what his motivations were, learning the lines was just a formality – knowing who the character really was allowed me to fully explore him and add a dimension and depth to the piece that otherwise would not have been there.”

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