Holly Miller performs Emilia’s monologue from Othello, a play by William Shakespeare.

HollyMillerPhotoHolly Miller has been a voice actress for four years.  She is active in Community Theater and has a weekly radio program width Audio Journal, a service that broadcasts printed material to the blind and visually impaired.

From Holly: Shakespeare has always been intimidating for me, so when Wren announced that she would be teaching a Shakespeare class, I was very hesitant to take it.  It was her enthusiasm about the class that convinced me to sign up.

For me, the language was the most intimidating part of Shakespeare, and at first it was difficult to fully understand my monologue.  Wren helped me to go beneath the language and dive into the meaning and intent of the play.  It was only when I studied the character of Portia and her relationship to her husband Brutus, that I could fully appreciate the genius of Shakespeare.

This class has helped me grow tremendously as an actress.  More than anything, I learned that your character is so much more that the words written on the page.  More than anything, I learned that authors of plays intentionally selected their words, and you must fully understand your character in order for those words to come to life.”

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