Richard III

Chuck Holleman performs Richard’s soliloquy, “Now is the Winter of Our Discontent,” from Richard III, a play by William Shakespeare.

Chuck Holleman 1849Chuck Holleman lives deep in the woods of Carlisle, MA, amongst the wild turkey, fox, and occasional black bear that amble through the back yard. He has participated in a whole lot of community theater regionally, and recently considers himself lucky enough to have been able to do a bit of corporate voiceover work. 

From Chuck: “I had a wonderful time doing the Shakespeare class with Wren. Richard III is one of the greatest villains of English literature, but exploring the character made me see there was so much more to him! He is a man with many attributes normally considered virtues such as intelligence, courage, and empathy, all of which have been warped in him by the terrible civil wars that he and the country have endured since his childhood, and his physical deformities. How does this warp the lens through which he sees the world, and determine how he will act in it, and what his goals are for it? This gives depth to the character that it could take a career to explore. I was glad to have even just this class to go on that exploration.”

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